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Dr. Greg Tefft
Founder of Personalized Nutrition Consultants

Dr. Greg Tefft (who Weider publications has called the “Mind-Body Connector”) is the founder of Personalized Nutrition Consultants, the world’s leading expert in personalized nutrition, a triple crown Natural Mr. America bodybuilding title holder, a renowned clinical bio-nutritionist, wellness practitioner and author who’s newest book, “Your Personal Life – Measuring What Your Specific Body Needs to Live Lean, Long, Strong and Better" is published in March, 2006 by Angel Mind.

Greg Tefft found the course set for his life’s work when, as a top swimming contender for the US Olympic Team in 1972, he collapsed, unable to breathe. A hospital diagnosis of asthma left him nearly debilitated, going in and out of hospitals, taking various medications and believing as he’d been told that he’d be on prescription drugs for the rest of his life.

Starting with clinical studies to improve the performance of collegiate athletes, for over 30 years Dr. Tefft has been perfecting the practice and the science of personalized nutritional fitness. Working with over 110,000 people, he has helped develop a system of nutritional testing where each individual body chemistry is digitally measured and analyzed for its own exact chemical make-up of foundational minerals, vitamins and toxicities and then corrected for imbalances, to each person’s specific need.

From Olympic athletes, bodybuilders, the rich and famous to neighborhood folks, Dr. Tefft’s teachings, health guidance and nutrition wellness system have been bringing people into the prime of their greatest health, body shape and vitality. Dr. Greg Tefft’s work represents, at last, an end to weight-loss, healing and longevity guesswork.

A Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician and Chiropractic Doctor, Greg Tefft has been treating patients since 1984.

On an accelerated Ph.D. program he surpassed his M.S. requirements in Exercise Physiology. He is a final stage candidate for his this third doctorate in holistic nutrition. He has two B.S. degrees based upon three majors in Physical Education, Health Science and Biology.

Dr. Tefft is a former sports medicine staff member for the US Olympic Team, the US National Swim Team, the Race Across America and other elite sports organizations.

He has received the Readers Digest "Health Awareness Award" and was referred to by the Orange County TV News Network as "America's leader in personalized nutrition."

Dr. Tefft is a Board-Certified drugless physician.